Roseneath Farmstay offers quality self catering, self contained farm style accommodation with a range of activities or simply a destination to relax, unwind and breathe in the fresh country air. Take a look at our gallery below to experience what your stay might be like, we would love to have you stay and make some memories of your own, bring your camera and share your best shots.

When you stay at Roseneath you are welcome to wander through the paddocks and cattle yards, old tobacco huts, shearing shed, horse stables or relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings with a good book or camera on the veranda. This stay can be a digital detox to unplug and reconnect with your family and friends by spending quality time with them… Enjoy a weekend getaway, a romantic retreat, a catch up destination or prolong your stay and do it all!

Animal Feeding

Every morning we feed the animals and you get to be involved! Bottle feed our calves, take grain to the weaners or hay to our heifers. The dogs are friendly and chickens enjoy scraps if you have any after your breakfast. Throughout the day, our animals enjoy their day grazing and snoozing in the paddocks, so you have time for other activities.

Our River

The Dumaresq river flows through our property and is the hub for our camping sites. The shallow waters provide hours of fun for smaller children; play in a mud kitchen,  use the rocks to build something or if you are up for a walk you can find water holes to go fishing, a popular spot for Murray Cod & Yellowbelly. Bring your swimmers, kayak or canoe and organize an afternoon picnic along the banks of the river, it is definitely worth exploring!


One of the most iconic Australian camping activities is having a campfire, the property has multiple fire pits at bespoke locations. During the cooler months, come and sit around the fire and enjoy a drink or two. Don’t forget to bring your own damper dough and share a slow food experience as you cook over the hot coals, top it off with a pot of billy tea and you’ll be ready for a good night’s sleep.

Walking Trails 

Explore the walking trails around the farm – head up to our hilltop and watch the sunset, wander through the sheds and yards or get off the beaten track and explore through the trees. There are plenty of choices for anyone wanting to enjoy nature; Enjoy some birdwatching – over 140 species identified on Roseneath Station. Our nearby national parks are beautiful for hiking and rock climbing. If you prefer to stick close to home birds and wildlife also frequent the garden and nearby paddocks; It is common to see emus, kookaburras, galahs and kangaroos in the areas around the homestead.

Wine Trails

Just next door you can enjoy some of the finest wines in northern New England. Discover for yourself the rich aromatic wines grown in great Australian country land, which produces four distinct seasons. We welcome you to visit and experience the local produce and wines from one (or all) of the nearby vineyards. 


Head over to our home if you are looking for some more entertainment; pick from our comprehensive board games library, borrow a book, have a swing on the porch or join us for a cuppa if we are home. We hope you enjoy your stay here at the beautiful Roseneath station. We respectfully ask that homes be left in the same condition as it is found on arrival.